These Former Celebrities Now Have Normal Jobs

They may have left the screens, but we still remember them. Celebrity culture changes in an instant. One minute, you’re selling out stadiums or packing movie theaters and the next, you’re trying to sell $30 headshots at conventions, telling anyone who will listen what a big deal you used to be. While you can’t always predict a fall from greatness, smart celebs do their best to prepare.

For stars who know just how quickly a knee injury can torpedo an athletic career or those who come to realize how few and far between roles for actresses over 35 really are, a regular job starts to look pretty appealing. These celebs have found their second (or third) acts away from the spotlight and are better off for it. Where are they now? Maybe closer than you think. They might be your son’s teacher or your Starbucks barista. Here’s a list of the celebrities who ended up with normal jobs.

Amanda Bynes was a Nickelodeon sensation back in the day. Sadly, the child star fell out of the spotlight and she began to age. After struggling with the law and substance abuse, Bynes claims to be working a career in fashion.

The fallen American Idol singer Jessica Sierra had to take a day job at Hooters when she realized singing wasn’t enough to pay the bills.


When his career started to die down, Vanilla Ice decided to launch a real estate website. Now he is a real estate investor and home renovator. He also teaches new investors how to make a profit selling houses.



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